Our two day Classic Course is where you will learn in depth foundation of Eyelash Extensions including; cleansing & prepping the lashes, proper isolation, corrective placement & client etiquette. All the fundamentals that will assist our students with the skills and confidence they need to start a successful lash career. 



Topics Covered: 

  • Correct Application
  • Client Consultation
  • Curls & Diameters
  • Sanitation
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Demo & Model Practice

Training includes a full professional kit: 

1 x Glue adhesive, 10 x Alcohol Swabs, 10 x Gel Pads,1 x Micropore Tape, 1 x Air Blower, 1 x Individual Lash Pallet, 1 x scissors, 1 x Lash Primer, 1 x Lash cream remover, 1 x Lash Tweezer – Curved 1 x Lash Tweezer – Straight, 1 x  C curl 0.20 10mm tray, 1 x C curl 0.20 11mm tray, 1 x C curl 0.20 12mm tray, 10 x Mop Caps, 10 x mascara wands. 

Upon completing your course, a certificate of attendance will be issued. There will be three assessments that should be completed after the course so that you can be certified by Lash & Dash as a Lash artist. 

2 day VOLUME training includes
Tweezers and lash trays (building from classic kit)
Lunch and refreshments
*Training also includes 3 weekly assessments 

To get started on your journey, contact: 


Always remember, the sky is the limit!

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